”I am a free spirit with an education as Master of Business and Administration with a history as an executive leader in medium-sized and big international companies for more than 15 years.

Seven of the above mentioned years in the international company Johnson & Johnson Inc. In which I built the brand ACUVUE contact lenses to a great success in the Nordic countries. In J & J Inc. I also was elected member of international boards, I was coaching the sales force, was holding directorship and helped to create solid economic results for J & J Inc.

In 1995, I chose to jump off the career carousel and follow my own path of values by starting up my own company – NATURAL FORCE. Since 1995 I have been practicing as a private life coach with experience from several thousand conversations, from young people to top executive leaders in companies.

I am also a well recognized  Inspirational speaker to all kind of companies, big and small. Author of the book ”Mulighetsloven” which resulted in 10.000 copies in Norway. An Audiobook is also available on Lydbokforlaget. Read by myself.

The book will be launched worldwide in English language through SAGE Publ India April/May 2018, SAGE is one of the leading academical publishing houses in the world. The title of the book is ”The Law of possibilities – How to get what you want”.

I am living very well with my nickname ”The career rebel”, as well as I have been compared to ”Tinkerbell” from the Walt Disney movies.

Furthermore, I have gathered a huge network in Norway and abroad with exciting and valuable people and leaders coming from all parts of the world.

Through my work in NATURAL FORCE I have due to my curiosity and because I am very empathic by nature, developed my experience of what good relations can do for a community. This is as important in the private life as it is in the business world.


I am a trained NLP (NevroLinguisticPrograming), herbal medicineist, healer and extremely intuitive.

I have worked as a Mentor several times, amongst other at BI Norwegian Business School, I have a well-developed intuition and I have now a huge wisdom learned by experiences in life and through very exciting clients in my coaching work.

 I have experience with most of the perspectives being a human being and all this wisdom I now want to share back to shorten the way for you who find life challenging and changes as uncomfortable.

 I just love to inspire, I love to create and to get you to take your next steps to become whole and to use your true potential.

 I am still getting goosebumps from all the emails I receive from people who have experienced huge steps forward in their lives through our common work, or the emails I receive from people who have read my book; ”The Law of Possibilities”, and experienced great growth and progress.

 I am also Mentor for entrepreneurs, and I am weekly writing in my blog about which energies we are affected by and I live my life from the perspective of huge curiosity.

 In my private life, I have a loving husband, two fantastic children a beautiful daughter in law and a loving grandchild. I live nearby Oslo in beautiful Norway.

”… She has a god given gift in communication

We sat as spellbound…”

Recognized leader