The book was made after a lecture. After the end of the lecture, there was a lady running up to me and hovering around my throat, saying the words: “You’ve transformed my life in two hours. I must give you a big hug. 

“People from business life also came to me and thanked personally. That night I knew what the book was about.

The message is that the ups and downs of life you create yourself, day by day, week by week. It’s about taking responsibility for your own life and work life, be genuine, honest, courageous and choose to speak and be unconditionally honest. What you give from yourself you´ll get back.

“When you trust yourself and know that you can inspire yourself for good days, nobody else can take away your energy. The most important you can do for yourself everyday is to stand in your own truth. The Law of Possibilities inspires you to look at your bad patterns and at the same time transform relationships to a life for yourself where you create and stand first. Selfish? Certainly not, here we speak of compassion. Are your days good you´ll transform the world around you? “

Testemonials from readers: The most remarkable stories comes from men;

  • The book The Law of Possibilities is one of the best inspirational books I have come across in the recent past…. E must read for anyone who wants to make things happen.

    H.R. Mohan
    Past President Computer Society of India and IEEE Computer Society
  • If you can dream it you can do it. This book literally opens up a toolkit of possibilities…. This is a must-read book for entrepreneurs, leaders, managers, and anyone who wishes to achieve anything.

    Anurag Batra
    Entrepreneur, Media Mogul, TV Show Host, Author, and Angel Investor
  • The Law of Possibilities saved my life. I am so grateful!

  • Thank you dearest, and thank you for great Public Information!

  • This book is extraordinary, I choose to live by it every day. I wished I read it 40 years ago!

  • You lowered my Bloodpresure even if my doctor don´t believe that. I know better! Something happed to me the moment I started to read, I could feel it physically. I will never forget!!! (abbreviated)

    CEO - male
  • I was depressed and suicidal and put in the acute psychiatric at the hospital. I got your book from a friend an almost immediately after I began to read I started to overcome my depression. People around me started to see the change and questioned what was going on. I am no discharged from the hospital and have started my new life as å better and totally “new” person. Thank you so much!! (abbreviated)

    Academic Master Engineer - male